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Reasons to be Proud - #R2bP: Nelson Mandela University Master's student in Applied Languages Tsakani Shilowe has been selected as one of 150 participants across the world to attend the Global Peace Summit in Kenya 2023 from 9 to 12 February 2023.

Tsakani believes that the Global Peace Chain vision is similar to our University themes and her research interests and that contributed to her selection to attend.

She completed her undergraduate and honours qualifications at Mandela University and her research interests are African Language and Cultural Preservation. “My heart is for equality, Inclusion, and diversity, everyone remaining who they are regardless of the language they speak, their culture, or their social status, or even their skin tone”, Tsakani says.

She also participated in the Social Consciousness and Sustainable Futures (SCSF) course that was piloted 2018 and was in the leadership of the Chi-Alpha Campus Ministry.

Tsakani grew up in Mushiyani Village, Giyani, in Limpopo where she matriculated at Chameti High School, where she has been involved in fighting for equal rights to Education under the #textbooksmatter campaign in 2014 with Basic Education For All (BEFA) and Section27.

The Global Peace Chain envisions to build resilience, cultivate the culture of tolerance, inclusivity, interfaith harmony, co-existence, love and social peace building across the border through peace camps in educational institutions, interactive sessions, peace talks with society stakeholders, diplomats, ambassadors, influencial community groups, UN officials, religious Scholars and community based organisations across the globe by empowering Global Peace Ambassadors.

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