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Reasons to be Proud - #R2bP: Master’s student in the department of Media and Communication, Talya Goldmann, has won the StageLine SA ‘Queen of Colour’ 2021 competition. 

Talya is a film and makeup artist specialising in wardrobe and effects for film and video.

To win, she competed against many other talented artists from across South Africa to become the StageLine professional make-up’s Brand Ambassador and the Queen of Colour 2021.

As her prize, she won R9000 worth of StageLine make-up and gets to develop creative content for the brand for the next year.

The competition took place over a four-week period and entrants were required to submit a different look each week inspired by well-known South African artist and illustrator, Chris Valentine.

Talya was one of the first students to enrol for Mandela University’s new Master’s in Creative Media Production with her dissertation titled: Fashioning the Joker as a Nomadic War Machine: Going Beyond the Aesthetic Evolution of the Joker in Feature Films.

Her supervisor Tarryn Rennie and co-supervisor Prof Adrian Konik are extremely proud of her achievement and her efforts in this competition will be seen in the creative output component of her postgraduate degree.

Talya is in her third year of working towards completing her master’s and currently works at Rooftop Productions.

“From a young age I felt torn between two sides of myself. The one side is extremely logical, planned and precise. The other side is creative, intuitive and experimental. For a long time I thought I would have to choose between the two to forge my career. However, over the past few years of my life, I have found that it is the combination of intellect and creativity that allow me to excel in what I do” says Talya.

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