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Operations at Nelson Mandela University are set to return to normal on Tuesday (23 April) following student protest action over the last two days. This follows an agreement reached between the Student Representative Council and Management at a meeting held this afternoon.

The parties met to engage on a petition submitted by the SRC this morning, which outlined grievances that led to the protest – chief of which related to NSFAS funding and accommodation.

As a result of a special appeals process, the University received feedback from NSFAS this morning that a further 420 students will receive funding from the scheme. As a result, these students will qualify for accommodation.

Students were also briefed on progress on implementing the University’s plans in respect of the shuttle service and the construction of additional on-campus accommodation in Port Elizabeth and George.

The University respects the constitutionally enshrined right to exercise agency in promoting social justice and equality. In this spirit, the University has further strengthened inclusive engagement with students and staff through the establishment of various strategies and platforms.

To this end, a policy was crafted in consultation with the SRC and approved by Council last year to formalise and guide engagement processes with students in line with protocols and channels.

The rules of engagement as set out in the abovementioned policy must be exhausted before resorting to protest action. These protocols were not followed by protesting students resulting in the enactment of the interdict. 

In moving forward, the University remains committed to promoting social cohesion and solidarity in advancing its core mandate of academic excellence.

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