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Nelson Mandela University staff and students have also been greatly affected by the rolling power outages in Summerstrand and surrounds, where the bulk of our campuses are situated, and many students reside.

The University acknowledges the frustrations and anxieties of staff and students at this time, and is committed to mitigating these challenges to the best of its ability. 
The University’s Summerstrand campuses, as well as the surrounding community where many of our students and staff live, have largely been without power since Friday afternoon after a supply cable to the area was vandalised.

In its latest communication, the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality hopes to be able to restore power by tomorrow afternoon.

Given the uncertainty, the University’s response to the current situation requires a great deal of agility as it tries to put in place contingency measures.

While generators are in place in critical areas of the campus, not all buildings will have generator power.

As such, faculties, lecturers, residence managers and catering services, among others, have been asked to explore alternative means in a bid to mitigate the present crisis.

This includes possibly rescheduling or finding alternative means for some of the ongoing assessments, securing alternative venues for academic activities and, critically, seeking alternative food supplies in order to address the pressing needs.

With regards the latter, emergency measures, such as having on-campus kitchens preparing ready-made meals for students have been set in motion.

The impact on learning and teaching will be assessed, so as to make the requisite adjustments. As an interim measure, more generator powered venues have been made available for students to use for study purposes.

Such unforeseen situations are understandably stressful and, as the University community, we aim to work together as we navigate this present crisis.

The University assures its staff and students that it is doing all within its power to alleviate the impact of the present power outage. We trust that this issue will be resolved soon.

Further updates will follow as and when they are available.


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