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Reasons to be Proud - #R2bP: "Africa has the ability to leapfrog the rest of the world with innovation. The continent has faced its fair share of challenges but with technological change, we can not only transform the continent but lead the way with innovation."

These are the words of Nelson Mandela University's Centre of Community Technologies Prof Darelle van Greunen after the homegrown healthcare app Ncediso™ ended in the top three and won the top innovation award in the category of High Social Impact at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa hosted by Zimbabwe

The Centre has developed an application to make healthcare and medical information more accessible to those with limited resources.

"The feedback on the value of the App has been tremendous. Every day, people are sending us messages to share how the App is helping them in their daily lives and how their families are using it. The range of users varies from the original intended audience, namely community healthcare workers, to the person in the street. Uber drivers, students, teachers, factory workers – the list goes on.  The App has also been well received in other parts of Africa" says van Greunen.

With the help of investors, the Centre aims to expand the App to include live interaction with healthcare staff close to the user and to add a dynamic list of the closest healthcare facilities.  This will assist with quicker access to a facility or healthcare worker once certain symptoms have been identified using the App.

Comments received from users include "very useful App. Helped me in a situation where I needed to do first aid. I had to help someone who got burnt and could look up what to do." and "I work in a remote and rural area and do not have time to go to courses.  This is helping me to remember somethings."

For more information call van Greunen on +27 82 564 2356