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Human Rights Day is one that affords us, as South Africans and Nelson Mandela University, an opportunity to reflect.

This day, which is celebrated on 21 March yearly, is a commemoration of a painful day in South African history and a stark reminder to its citizens about the sacrifices made for the attainment of democracy in the country.

The Bill of Rights, which is the cornerstone of democracy in South Africa, enshrines the rights of all the citizens of our country. It also affirms the democratic values of human dignity, equality and freedom.

Nelson Mandela University values all sections of the Bill of Rights through the activities of learning and teaching; research, innovation and internationalisation; engagement and transformation through its people and operations.

Mandela University is a valued strategic partner for South Africa’s development, and through the collaborative efforts of staff, students and alumni, has made important strides in addressing some of the intractable challenges of our time.

One of the University’s six values is ’social justice and equality’. In her inaugural address,  Vice-Chancellor Prof Sibongile Muthwa reminded us that “We need to inculcate an institutional culture that draws on the essence of Mandela, particularly as this relates to his leadership, his notion of social justice and the value of education in changing the trajectory of the marginalised and the vulnerable in society”.

As an institution rooted in its resolve to be in the service of society, various initiatives and interventions have been established, with the aim of fostering relationships, partnerships and other collaborations with its communities towards fulfilling this mandate.

This institutional mandate is not solely outward facing, but seeks to continually serve the University’s internal community, through a humanising approach to the student access for success and employee relations efforts.

It is widely acknowledged that while South Africans’ basic human rights are enshrined in the Bill of Rights, there remains a number of challenges to the overall attainment of basic human rights for all.

It is the University’s commitment to do all in its power to contribute to the advancement of human rights in the society it serves.

Nelson Mandela University commemorates Human Rights Day 2022

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