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Nelson Mandela University, in partnership with the United Nations in South Africa, will be launching the annual report of the United Nations’ monitoring body of international drug control conventions, the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB), at the institution this week.

Members of the media are invited as follows:

When: 11 March 2022

Time: 10am

Where: Hybrid event – (

Physical: Council Chambers, South Campus, Nelson Mandela University

RSVP: Ms Liezl Wales by Tuesday, 8 March 2022


The launch comes as the world rallies to support the humanitarian crisis unfolding across Ukraine and Russia, inclusive of the broken drug supply chain and shortage of medicines.

As a board member of the INCB, Executive Dean of Health Sciences Professor Zukiswa Zingela, a medical doctor and qualified psychiatrist, will deliver the 2021 Report, which is a comprehensive survey of the drug control situation in various parts of the world.

As an impartial body, INCB is an independent and quasi-judicial monitoring body for the implementation of the United Nations international drug control conventions. It tries to identify and predict dangerous trends and suggests necessary measures to be taken.

The present war in Europe is a case in point since responsible humanitarian law must prevail despite the complications of the war and the growing economic sanctions. A crucial function of The Board includes ensuring access to essential medicines for countries affected by war.

Established in 1968 with the mandate of ensuring the adequate supply of drugs for medical and scientific uses, the INCB also identifies weaknesses in national and international control systems regarding illicit manufacture, trafficking and use of drugs, assisting governments to correct such situations.

Prof Zingela was elected to serve on the board from May 2020 until 2025.

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