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Reasons to be Proud - #R2bP: Second year BComm student, Ndivhuwo Malange, has been named winner of the Undergraduate Category in the Nedbank & Old Mutual Budget Speech competition.

The results were announced after the Finance Minister’s budget speech on Wednesday, 24 February with Ndivhuwo walking off with the prize of R60 000.

His winning essay deals with the economic implications of land expropriation. A synopsis of his essay is downloadable from this page.

Launched in 1972, the competition requires students to write an essay based on a specific question posed for the current year. The 2020 question for undergraduate students was “Would the implementation of land expropriation without compensation unlock greater economic growth or damage it further in South Africa?

The competition has produced some of the brightest young economists in the country, people who have gone on to hold significant positions both in South Africa and abroad. Some competition winners are now professors or doctors in economics serving in the academic field, whilst others are working in the National Treasury and in top organisations.

The focus of the competition is on academic excellence and essays are judged primarily on merit and quality. Essays of the same quality are evaluated further, using criteria such as empowerment (black students will be given preference), potential, needs (students who cannot afford to further their studies), community involvement and commitment to address the country’s economic issues.

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