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Reasons to be Proud - #R2bP: BA Media, Communication and Culture graduate and PR/Marketing Intern in the Faculty of Education, Sinolwazi April recently took part in the International ARTS Talent Showcase and has been selected to represent South Africa at the International Modelling and Talent Association (IMTA) in New York next year.

The International ARTS Talent Showcase is an annual talent showcase held in Johannesburg, which brings together talent from South Africa and Namibia to showcase their performance abilities in singing, acting, modelling and dancing. The IATS is a starting point for all artists ultimately looking to audition and perform for International Talent Scout Joey Hunter for an opportunity to represent South Africa at IMTA in New York City, USA.

IMTA is a professional association of the finest and most successful modelling and talent training centres in the world. They host week-long conventions, including one in New York and Los Angeles, consisting of modelling, acting, singing, song writing and dancing competitions. Hundreds of talent agents, personal managers, casting directors, network representatives and music producers judge the IMTA competitions while searching for new models, actors, singers and dancers to work in the fashion and entertainment industry.

“I’ve learnt that life begins outside your comfort zone. That’s where you see what you are really capable of” says Sino. “Believe in yourself and speak things into existence. Hard work, consistency and trusting the process pays off in the end”.“I’ve always had a flare for the arts, but never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be flying off to New York. This win is not only for me but for everyone from my community in Uitenhage. I hope this will inspire young girls to see that where you come from does not define you. You just have to dream big and work hard to make your dreams a reality”.

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