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Reasons to be Proud - #R2bP: Emeritus professor in the School of Information Technology at Nelson Mandela University, Prof Rossouw von Solms, has been ranked by as the 4th best scientist in South Africa for 2022 in the field of Computer Science. is a leading academic platform for researchers. It has just released the 2023 edition of their ranking of best scientists in various research fields. 

This best scholars ranking is a trustworthy list of leading scholars from the field of Computer Science, based on a detailed analysis of 166,880 researchers discovered from a variety of bibliometric data sources. For the field of Computer Science, more than 14402 scholars were analysed. bases its rankings of scientists on transparent procedures based on well-established metrics gathered from trusted sources of data. Every year, they list and rank all the researchers internationally and in all research fields with a D-index (Discipline h-index) metric of 30 or more.

According to, Prof Von Solms has a D-index of 40 and 7805 citations. What makes this achievement even more remarkable, is that he has been retired for more than five years, indicating that his published research is still being seen as relevant and still cited by other researchers world-wide.

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