Change the world


Third-year Journalism Diploma student Ayanda Mhlambiso, 32, from Nelson Mandela University was the tertiary article winner of The Herald newspaper’s Youth Supplement 2022.


Published recently, the supplement is filled with artwork, articles and creative pieces written for the youth, by the youth, giving students and learners an opportunity to shine.

After careful consideration, The Herald’s management team selected the winning entries in various categories, which resulted in Ayanda winning a brand-new laptop for his article entitled “Youth struggle continues”.

In the article he reflected on why the struggle for freedom continues for the youth of today, in the light of unemployment, poverty and other social challenges.

“The article talks about the events that led to the famed Soweto Uprising started by students in protest in 1976. It then looks into the modern-day struggles of the youth with stats provided of the worst youth unemployment rate ever seen in the democratic era.

“Also mentioned is the underprivileged youth and the social media pressures young people find themselves under these days. In simpler terms, the struggle has never been worse for youths in democratic South Africa and it sadly continues to worsen, Ayanda says. 

An elated Ayanda was on recess when his article made the news. “I never expected to win, to be honest, but I enjoyed the topic of South African youth issues facing the young people of today as compared to 1976. I am so proud and humbled and hopefully this is the beginning of life as a journalist,” he said.

Ayanda is a part-time journalist for Madibaz Radio on campus and heard about the Youth Supplement through his lecturer. “It was my lecturer, Ms Cindy Preller, who made me aware of it and urged me to write a piece. Without her vote of confidence, I would never have written the article so a big thank you to her.”

“I wanted to get my message across in a public platform and share my take on the struggles of modern-day youth as compared to the youth of 1976. I am passionate about the creation and improvement of youth structures country-wide especially in underprivileged areas”, he says.

Ayanda would like to study further if he could but funding is a big hurdle.

Career-wise he would love to be a sports journalist as his love for sport is second to none.

“My dream job is to work for Sky Sports News in Britain covering either soccer, rugby or both and not even limited to only these. I’d love to gain some experience and capital there to come back to South Africa and start my own business programme in sports broadcasting.

Ayanda arrived at Madibaz Radio in March 2022 as intern and was recently promoted to being executive producer and editor of the news segment at the station. He is also a host of a sports show.

The Diploma of Journalism is a teach-out qualification in the Department of Media and Communications. Programme Co-ordinator Prof Janina Wozniak said, “Ayanda Mhlambiso’s success with this article should remind young thinkers to critically engage with the many slogans that overwhelm the country today. It is their turn to create functional ideas and structures for our future.”