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Reasons to be Proud - #R2bP: Lizalise Mngcele, a masters student with AEON* at Mandela University's Faculty of Science, achieved 2nd place at the ISI & Esri Student Competition held at the International Statistical Institute World Congress in Malaysia in August.

The ISI & Esri Student Competition is an international student research competition sponsored by Esri and the International Statistical Institute (ISI). Esri is an international supplier of geographic information system software, web GIS and geodatabase management applications.

There were 47 submissions in round one and after review, 24 finalists were selected, with 15 completing a final submission. The finalists came from some of the high-ranking universities worldwide including Harvard, the University of Toronto, the National University of Singapore, etc.

The competition aims to promote the integration of statistical and geospatial data, encourage location-based thinking, and inspire curiosity around geographic patterns and relationships.

Lizalise’s research work has also been featured as part of  AEON’s “Tracking The Shale-Gas Debate” report, in the International Biometric Society 2018 Bulletin, and in the South African Statistical Association 2019 newsletter. His poster was titled “Spatial patterns toward the characterization of South Eastern Karoo Basin environmental features”.

*AEON is a centre for Earth Systems Science (ESS) that provides a research and educational environment to seek consilient knowledge amongst earth and life sciences, engineering, resource economics and the human sciences.   AEON is forging Earth Stewardship into a Science that can sustain the planet and its people.

AEON fosters cutting-edge, internationally-connected, science and analytical learning using advanced tools and technologies in an environment that encourages interdisciplinary science to explore our Earth, and society, particularly in Africa.

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