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With the University having to come up with all kinds of innovative ways to save water in this water crisis, the Botany Department has implemented a closed water distilling system for their research needs, saving an enormous amount of water.   

“Scientific research requires researchers to use ‘distilled water’ instead of tap water as it makes for more accurate data, particularly with studies on nutrients and chemical analyses.

“About 300 litres of water are required to make 1 litre of distilled water, so the wastage was enormous,” says Senior Laboratory Technician Andy Smith (left).

The Botany Department therefore tasked Engineering’s eNtsa’s Manufacturing Support Unit to design a closed system for them.

Hendrik Nel (right) of eNtsa designed the system whereby the water that would ordinarily have gone down the drain, now goes to a storage tank, and is then recycled through the distillation unit.

Andy says the tank does have to be topped up from time to time, but the water saving is substantial. 


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Andrew Smith
Senior Laboratory Technician