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Student and staff printing needs have had a welcome boost this year with the opening in January of the ICT CopyTech shop at the South Campus Kraal complex.

The print and technology shop is managed by David Driscoll who has over 28 years’ experience in printing. The shop staff are all former students, who have an understanding of their peers’ needs.

Apart from students who can now print on-campus at a lower fee than in town, the shop also manages all the University’s printing requirements, particularly those from outside companies.

In addition, the shop generates a third stream income by servicing the public and companies outside the University. Staff can now also do their private printing on campus.  

“The shop offers a full range of printing services and supplies as well as technology services and software solutions for both students and staff. We have the ability to operate as a "quick printer" when necessary”, says David.

Services include the binding of theses, architectural plans, laminating and T-shirt printing.

The shop sells computer technology such as hard drives and flash drives and assists students with computer setups and basic design.

It is hoped that the shop, which is already bursting at its seams, could expand to smaller units on all campuses.  

PROVIDING A MUCH-NEEDED SERVICE … ICT CopyTech shop manager David Driscoll (right) together with Mark Domingo (back) and Zeus Gwadiso run the shop providing printing and electronic services.

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Ms Elma de Koker
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