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Reasons to be Proud - #R2bP: Three design students from Mandela University were recently recognised in the 2021 WPO WorldStar International Packaging Design Student Awards.

BA Media, Communication & Culture design graduate, Jamie Penrith, along with two Bachelor of Visual Arts students, Taryn Geswint and Anja Niewoudt, received an international Certificate of Recognition for their packaging designs.

Jamie received her award for her innovative Moon Cup Hourglass packaging design. Her hourglass shaped design was constructed from recyclable paperboard with illustrative graphics to increase visual appeal and minimise reference to the taboo of menstrual cups.

Taryn’s award was for her Loreal hair dye packaging, offering a young target market an appealing new design of hair dye packaging that will attract their interest through the use of fluorescent colours and the chrome, holographic effect.

Anja received an award for her Pringles snack packaging, made with recycled paper/cardboard and organic hemp plastic. Her “packaging that grows!” contains seeds (corresponding with the snack flavour) that can be grown by the consumer, following the easy instructions on the container.

The WorldStar Student Awards competition is owned and produced by the World Packaging Organisation. It is an international packaging design competition for students – undergraduate or graduate – from countries around the world who are involved in projects in the field of packaging, including structural design and/or graphic design. The competition is open to students who have won a legitimate local award in their region or country.

Over 300 entries from students around the world were received.