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Reasons to be Proud - #R2bP: Mandela University Chemistry lecturer, Dr Gletwyn Rubidge, broke two national records and matched a third at the Freediving World Cup held in Egypt last month.

The competition, hosted in Sharm el Sheikh, was held over four days - one day for each of the four free dive disciplines. All the depth disciplines were constant weight which means that all weights used to reach the desired depth must be brought back up on the same dive.

On day one, Gletwyn tackled the constant weight bi-fin (CWTB) discipline where a competitor uses two flippers for the dive. He was successful and added one meter to the former national record of 70m. On day two, he repeated the CWTB discipline, this time reaching 75m and breaking his one-day old record!

After a rest day, he attempted the toughest discipline, constant weight no fins (CNF), where the diver may not use flippers nor pull on the rope. Gletwyn equalled the national record of 57m held by his dive buddy, Bruce Mills. They now share the record.

In addition to these prestigious achievements, Gletwyn was recognised in his home town on 27 May, by being featured at the newly launched Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium Sports Museum.

Scroll below for photos of his dives and his NMB Sport's Museum spot.

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