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The class of 2022 BSc Honours in Formulation Students showed their mettle at their recent year-end showcase, presenting the products that they have formulated during their year in the programme.

From a natural 2-in-1 surface cleaner and insect repellent to mineral, tinted sunscreen powder – this cohort of nine students were very innovative in their approach to their research projects.

The students presented their innovative consumer products for final assessment, offering academic staff and visitors an opportunity to interact with the products and ask questions about them.

The BSc (Honours) Formulation Science degree was developed to provide the consumer products industry in South Africa with skilled formulators who understand and can apply the theoretical principles of blending various raw materials and active ingredients in different phases to produce stable, homogeneous, and useable consumer products, as well as to develop entrepreneurial skills for the establishment of SMEs.

Formulation Science is concerned with the knowledge and practice of blending and mixing of various components (chemical compounds) in a way that they don’t react but interact to provide a final product with very specific desirable properties or functions.

An eco-friendly laundry detergent with designer fragrance and Devil’s Thorn saponin extract was the product of Sefenya Letsoalo’s hard work – offering two different fragrances, one more feminine and the other more masculine.          

Aviwe Dangazele came up with a dark chocolate that contains almost no sugar and includes other beneficial health ingredients such as polyphenols, which are antioxidants.

Caring for the environment and using natural ingredients was certainly the order of the day, like Princess Mtayisi’s all-natural body care products. Continuing in this vein is Qhawekazi Nqayi’s natural and mild creamy bodywash with baobab oil.  And on the household cleaning front, Sanelisiwe Dyani was extremely enthusiastic in “selling” her natural 2-in-1 surface cleaner and insect repellent containing lemon grass.              

Cecile Witbooi is of the opinion that headache powders leave a bad taste in the mouth, so she came up with a sublingual, pleasant-tasting headache powder.

For smokers, Zamokuhle Ngcoko formulated a Taste Clinic Care Kit – a mouth gel and lozenges to restore damaged tastebuds and eliminate bad breath.   

If you are concerned about the harmful rays of the sun, then ChrizĂ© van den Heever’s mineral, tinted sunscreen powder may be the product you are looking for! This face powder can easily be reapplied during the day, providing a high sun protection factor.           

Completing the group’s product list is Miracle Sekomo’s eco-friendly non-permanent fabric glue, allowing you to temporarily fix a fabric tear in fabric when sewing is not an option.

“We are proud of the fact that these students will now be moving out into the workplace having gained valuable formulation, entrepreneurial and marketing skills” says Senior Lecturer and Formulation Science coordinator, Dr Nicole Vorster.

Sefenya Letsoalo - Eco-friendly laundry detergent with designer fragrance and Devil’s Thorn saponin

Aviwe Dangazele - Sugar-free dark chocolate

Princess Mtayisi - All-natural bodycare products


Cecile Witbooi - Sublingual great-tasting headache powder

Zamokuhle Ngcoko - Taste Clinic Care Kit – mouthgel and lozenges to restore damaged tastebuds and eliminate bad breath

Miracle Sekomo - Eco-friendly non-permanent fabric glue

Chrizé van den Heever - Mineral tinted sunscreen powder

Sanelisiwe Dyani - Natural 2-in-1 surface cleaner and insect repellent

Qhawekazi Nqayi - Natural and mild creamy bodywash with  baobab oil

The group with their lecturer and course co-ordinator, Dr Nicole Vorster.

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Dr Nicole Vorster
Senior lecturer and Formulation Science coordinator
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