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Change the world


Two Madibaz tennis players are among the 24 top students who received awards at the recent virtual annual academic student awards ceremony.

Justin Impey was one of the two prestigious Rupert Gesinstigting Awards recipients and Sinazo James was the winner of the Health Sciences Faculty’s First Diploma Award. 

The Rupert Gesinstigting Awards are made to the best full-time doctoral students registered for the current year at the University. Justin received his in the Science, Engineering and Technology category for his Master’s in Human Movement Science.

Justin’s research was the first of its kind and centred around investigating the effects of neuromuscular agitators, such as caffeine and post-activation performance enhancement (PAPE) on key performance indicators in soccer and hockey goalkeepers.

The results of his study showed that goalkeepers can meaningfully improve reactive diving and sprinting performances by either consuming 4 to 6 mg/kg body weight of caffeine or completing 40 plyometric jumps.

He has also published two articles in academic journals.

His PhD research focuses on the mechanisms that separate sustainable from non-sustainable exercise and using this information to enhance individual performance regardless of sport or ability. The effects of two high-intensity interval training programmes and PAPE on selected physiological and biomechanical outcomes in male team-sport athletes will be investigated.

Justin also played for Mandela University’s premier tennis league and was a member of the of the Peat Lawn tennis club premier league team (Premier League winners).

Matriculating from Pearson High School, Justin was the Eastern Province Tennis Reserve for the SA u/17 School’s tennis team and was also a Member (something missing here)

“I strive to bring positive energy into every room I enter and one by one have a positive impact on every person that comes across my path,” he says.

My love for sport and exercise began when I started playing tennis at the age of four.

Being from a small town (Elliot in the Eastern Cape), my days consisted solely of school and two to three hours of tennis and when it was time to decide on a career path, I knew that I wanted to be out on the court/sports field and not behind a computer all day.

What I enjoy most about sport science is that it is a perfect combination of all the things I am passionate about, such as working with and teaching people, solving problems and being active. As a sport scientist you deal with athletes from all walks of life and it is important to build a good relationship with each and every athlete, says Justin who speaks English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa.

His dream job would be to work in Manchester United’s sport science department would be amazing as he is a big fan of the team.

Sinazo obtained 100% for her Sport Management Practice Module and 76% overall for her Diploma in Sport Management.

She currently works as receptionist and administrator at The Youth Cricket Academy and wants to start coaching part-time and study physiotherapy in future.

She was part of the administrative team during the USSA Soccer Tournament in 2018, was seconded to the COSAFA/FIFA Female referee’s department during the COSAFA tournament in 2019 and was also a scorer at the EC gymnastics tournament in 2019.

Sinazo who calls Cradock home, currently lives in Gqeberha.

At Harvest Christian School where she matriculated she captained the girls’ tennis first team, and played first team in four different sports in addition to being a student leader.

“I am a sporty person, I love sports and playing sports just being active in general”, she says.

Her dream job is to be a professional tennis player or a professional physiotherapist for professionally competing sports teams.

She hopes to start her own academy, which incorporates a physiotherapy/biokinetics rehabilitation centre, coaching and clothing line.

“I want to change lives and make a difference … make an impact on people and their lives even if it is just one person. Just live your life the way you want, keep on going and pushing. I want to be abundant in terms of, self-peace, love, and happiness, rather than collecting materialistic objects. Thrive on being a better version of yourself every day you don’t owe that to anyone besides yourself.

The pandemic hit when she had just started with her final year but she could complete her internship at The Youth Cricket Academy.  She found lectures via Zoom and other platforms very difficult and then had to write a physical examination which was challenging.

She also believes in always giving your best in everything you do. Never give up always push and be the best you can be one day you will have your day where it all comes together. Stay disciplined, be consistent, work hard but never forget to live life.