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Five professors at Nelson Mandela University have received the prestigious title of Distinguished Professor, which entails an elevated status in recognition of their dedication and commitment to their field of expertise.  

They are (clockwise from top left) Profs Paul Watts, Darelle van Greunen, Ilse Truter, Andre Calitz and Janine Adams.

Current Distinguished Professors at the University are Mechanical Engineering Professor, Danie Hattingh and Zoology Professor and Director of the Centre for African Conservation Ecology, Graham Kerley.

These professors have demonstrated sustained performance at a higher level for at least five years.

They are recognised by their peers as leading national and international scholars in research, innovation and scholarly outputs as well as for their contribution to teaching, learning and assessment based on the quality of their contributions to the scholarship of teaching and learning or academic engagement.

Botany and Shallow Water Ecosystems Research Chair, Prof Adams’ expertise includes estuary ecology, environmental water requirements, coastal botany, salt marshes and mangroves.

Computing Sciences’ Prof Calitz specialises in business intelligence, user experience, big data and project management.

Pharmacy practice, clinical pharmacy, management and drug utilisation research are the areas of Pharmacy Prof and Leader of the Drug Utilisation Research Unit, Prof Truter.

School of ICT and Centre for Community Technologies Director, Prof Van Greunen’s multi-disciplinary research includes user experience and interaction with technologies, the requirements of a high technology 4th Industrial Revolution-mediated environment and infrastructure, virtual learning environments and innovative digital technologies to enhance healthcare.

Microfluidic Bio-chemical Processing Research Chair Prof Watts’ research interests include improving organic synthesis utilising new technology, green chemistry, process intensification, electrochemical synthesis, catalysis (and biocatalysis) in continuous flow reactors, process analytical technology and nanomaterial synthesis.

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