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Nelson Mandela University hosted its first virtual Pharmacist’s Oath and Pharmacy Award Ceremony on Friday, 23 July 2021.

This event was for the 128 students who graduated in 2019 and are currently in their community service year and the 118 graduates from 2020 currently completing their internships.

BPharm graduates pledge the Pharmacist’s Oath to obey and maintain the ethical standards of Pharmacy in the presence of family, academic staff and peers. They are also given the option to take the Pharmacist Oath in their preferred language. These graduates were recorded for the virtual ceremony.

In addition, the graduates participate in a “White Coat” ceremony during which each graduate puts on a white pharmacist’s dispensing jacket to symbolise taking on the responsibilities of the pharmacy profession.

The Pharmacy department also recognises academic excellence across the four years of the BPharm degree as well as the pharmacy technician programme. Awards are also given for the most professional student in their final year, voted for by the staff of the department.

Aspen Pharmacare and PPS (Professional Provident Society) sponsored the dispensing jackets for the graduates, whereas Clicks, the Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa and the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences sponsor top achiever awards.

Tristan Strydom achieved the top award and the PPS Most Professional Award for the 2019 group and Bronwyn Prinsloo was top in her class of 2020.

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