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A managerial accountant in the automotive industry will be the recipient of the first ever PhD in Accounting at Nelson Mandela University, since the merger of its three predecessor institutions.

Arthur Reynolds is employed at Eberspacher SA, which manufactures and exports catalytic convertors to the export market. He has 19 years’ experience in cost and management accounting in various industries and is also a part-time tutor and lecturer.

Mr Reynolds’ thesis, supervised by the Director of the School of Accounting Prof Houdini Fourie, focussed on an integrated balanced scorecard approach for time-driven activity-based costing for small to medium manufacturing enterprises, which could contribute to extending the survival of small to medium manufacturing enterprises in South Africa.

The study revealed that a generic balanced scorecard could be developed, using a Delphi study and the analytical hierarchy process (AHP). With a the time-driven activity-based costing system at a small to medium manufacturing enterprise, managers and owners could manage the theory of constraints, resulting in lower operating costs.


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