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There are a number of students who have been admitted to the University but have been unable to register due to awaiting funding confirmation from the National Students Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) or other finance-related challenges.

The University has been working closely with NSFAS and the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) to speedily resolve all outstanding student funding challenges. This, in order to enable all those who have been admitted and are eligible for NSFAS to proceed with registration.

Since the end of last year, several concessions have been made by the financial aid scheme together with DHET in a bid to assist such students, which the University has been implementing in accordance with the agreed upon written directives.

National concessions for 2017:

  • First time entering students from Quintile 1 to 3 schools who have been admitted to the University have been allowed to register.
  • Returning students who received NSFAS funding in 2016 and signed the loan agreement form last year, who have passed 50% of their modules and meet the NSFAS completion requirement, were allowed to proceed with registration.

NMMU concessions 2017:

2016 Zero EFC and NMMU Missing Middle:

  • Zero EFC students who continue to be academically deserving, were allowed to register without paying minimum down payment, while carrying over 2016 debt. A R5000 allowance will be given to this cohort of students staying in residences and R7500 to those not in residences.
  • Academically deserving NMMU Missing Middle students needed to bring their debt down to R5000 and below and sign an acknowledgement of debt form to be allowed to register without the minimum down payment.
  • University management further resolved – following a process of identifying a cohort of returning students who did not qualify for NMMU concessions last year but now do – to give these students, who are academically deserving, the same concession as the 2016 NMMU Missing Middle. This means these students need to bring their debt down to R5000 and below before they can proceed with registration without the initial minimum down payment.
  • Those who cannot cut their debt to the above-mentioned amount can approach a Panel, through the Financial Aid office, set up by the University to attend to financial aid related matters. Details on the process to be followed will be communicated with the relevant students.
  • Management has also noted the NSFAS delays and therefore resolved that all NSFAS applicants and students from Quintile 1 to 3 schools who end up registering in the late registration period – which is 11 to 31 March 2017 – will not be charged the applicable registration fee of R650.

This concession by the University is because the students were unable to register for reasons beyond their control.

Should students falling within the above-mentioned groups still experience challenges in registering, they should contact the Financial Aid office.

The University remains committed to ensuring that all admitted students are successfully registered and has been pressing NSFAS and government to urgently address funding matters.

To date, more than 24 000 students have registered for 2017 study. Normal registration ends today, 10 March, with late registration continuing until 31 March. Registration for 2017 study can be done via the link

NMMU assures admitted students that although they are not yet registered because of a lack of financial commitment, their spaces remain reserved.

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