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Reasons to be Proud - #R2bP: Asekho Toto, a first-year Business Studies student at Nelson Mandela University’s George campus, has had his dream realised by having a book published and listed on international shopping site, Amazon.

His book called Lost is a collection of poems addressing topics that explore the effects of mental health. Each poem gives an account of his experience with depression, anxiety and the difficulties young people face.

The book was published in June this year and was edited by another Mandela Uni student, Udy Obi.

“This book is my dream. I have always wanted to publish a book, one that includes my thoughts, and experiences. It consists of four chapters, and each chapter focuses on a specific event. Themes such as spirituality and mental health are covered.

Depression is a battle I have fought for years, and suicidal thoughts have been frequent occurrences.

These poems are one of my greatest achievements, and I hope that they touch someone in whichever way. Life is a never-ending journey; ups and downs - but I hope you never stop going” says Asekho.

In addition to the book being available online from Amazon, one can also purchase a physical copy for R120 from the author directly.


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