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Dr Conrad van Greunen will be receiving his second PhD in Business Management at Nelson Mandela University on 15 December, both supervised by Prof Elmarie Venter.

Dr Conrad van Greunen (left) also received his first PhD in Business Management supervised by Prof Venter.

Dr Van Greunen’s second doctoral research focused on “Team-related factors influencing intra-team knowledge-sharing in knowledge-intensive businesses”.

The research findings established that the factors team psychological safetyteam development competitioncultural intelligence and age significantly influence intra-team knowledge-sharing behaviour.

Several practical recommendations were made to enhance the businesses’ competitive advantage.  

Dr Van Greunen believes his blend of focus, confidence and sheer grounded beliefs attributed to his consistency that propelled his academic success and his achievements are driven by his father’s honour.

He obtained his BCom, BCom Honours and MCom degrees in Business Management at Mandela Uni. He has a desire to contribute value to the greater good and has a burning passion for academia and research.  

Dr Van Greunen is Head of Programme: Faculty of Commerce of The Independent Institute of Education, a private higher education institution and has also worked for Regenesys Business School and Educor Holdings. He has published several articles and contributed as editor and author of two locally published textbooks.

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