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In a democratic nation such as South Africa, democratisation of state institutions is necessary and important. This is a critical aspect with impact on good governance.

This is the premise of Nelson Mandela University Public Management lecturer Professor Sebenzile Masango’s inaugural lecture, to be delivered on Thursday, titled “Democratisation of State Institutions and Processes – A Critical Ingredient for Good Governance”.

Prof Masango’s lecture aims to drive the point home that if state institutions are to be democratised, their recruitment, selections and placement practices should be in line with democratic norms.

The democratisation of state institutions is seen as a necessary condition for the growth and development of South Africa’s young democracy, which should promote good governance and facilitate service delivery.

“Public participation is an essential ingredient for good governance in any democratic country. It is a broad and relative concept which includes various forms of participation,” Prof Masango says.

Public participation democratises the making and implementation of policies and it facilitates the exchange and flow of information between the government and members of the public by, among others, promoting responsiveness to public needs, enhancing government’s accountability, facilitating the processes of policy implementations and community development.

“In a democracy there is freedom of expression through which people can contribute towards government’s agenda in various ways, which includes constructive criticism.”

Prof Masango is a distinguished scholar in Public Administration and Governmental Studies, having obtained a Bachelor of Administration from the University of South Africa (Unisa) in 1990 and working his way up the academic ranks from junior to senior lecturer and becoming Associate Professor in 18 years.

He has published several articles in peer reviewed and accredited journals and has extensive experience in supervising postgraduate students – 37 Masters and 5 Doctoral candidates to completion.

Prof Masango’s lecture will take place at the Nelson Mandela University North Campus Conference Centre at 5:30pm on Thursday, 27 July.

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