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In keeping with the strategies to support a multi-modal flexible remote learning and teaching pathway during Level 4 of Lockdown announced by the Minister for Higher Education, Science and Technology, Dr Blade Nzimande, Nelson Mandela University is putting the following measures in place...


All students registered for the 2020 academic year will receive 30GB of data with effect from 5 May 2020.  The University has made arrangements with mobile network operators to load the data to bona fide students subscribing to their respective networks.

We wish to thank students for heeding the call to update their mobile numbers. Those who have not should do so before 6:00pm on 3 May 2020.  The form for updating details can be found on

Students are urged to be frugal in the use of data.  Guidelines for data management can be found on and are also attached hereto. In addition, students are advised to seek zero-rated sites (sites that can be accessed without attracting data costs) with digital resources for learning, teaching and research.

Any enquiries on data can be directed at


Not all students have a computing device to participate in online learning remotely.

The University is again offering students the opportunity to obtain a laptop through the Student Laptop Initiative. (This project is now into its second year and is being re-opened to enable all students to benefit).

Students are encouraged to apply online for a laptop in the link provided below:

Please bear in mind that the stock may not be immediately available because of demand, but that the University will try to fast-track processes in acquiring additional stock.

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