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Prospective students who, for various reasons, have not applied to or been accepted to a tertiary institution for their 2020 studies are encouraged to use the opportunity to apply for placement using government’s Central Applications Clearing House (CACH).

While there were some challenges experienced with the CACH website on Monday (13 January), the website is once again up and running.

CACH is an initiative of the Department of Higher Education and Training to assist prospective students who want to enter the higher education system but may have encountered challenges. It affords applicants an opportunity to apply centrally, for possible placement at any of the country’s 26 public universities.

With Nelson Mandela University not accepting any “walk-in” applications as advised by the Higher Education Department, prospective students are urged to use the CACH system, which can be accessed by visiting

To assist those who wish to apply through CACH, but may not have personal access, the University has made available some of its computer labs.

Given that access to the South African higher education sector has significantly widened, particularly in the last few years, the demand for placement is on the rise. This is one of the factors contributing to the challenges that are often experienced at the start of the academic year.

In a bid to mitigate this, prospective students are encouraged to plan and apply for post-matric studies early, preferably a year before, as higher education institutions are largely full the end of the matric year.

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