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Lecturer in the Department of Computing Sciences Dr Ife Fashoro was recently elected Chair of the Institute of IT Professionals (IITPSA) in the Eastern Cape and will be serving on the national Members Council as EC Chapter Chair. 


School of ICT’s Professor Lynn Futcher serves as a Non-Executive Director of the IITPSA National Council.  

Dr Fashoro indicated that the IITPSA EC are planning various events this year, including a Women in IT Breakfast, a Teachers’ IT Seminar and various IT related talks.

The Chair of the Mandela University  Student Computer Society, Vuyo Sigauke also serves on the IITPSA EC Committee, and the two bodies are planning a Three-Day Coding Bootcamp for Beginners (ages 15 to18) this year.

The IITPSA furthers the study, science and application of IT, maintain and promote Codes of Conduct and Ethics for their members, defines and promotes standards of IT knowledge, promotes the formulation of effective policies on IT and related matters and extends the knowledge and understanding and usage of IT in the community.