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The Nelson Mandela University computing sciences department is one of the main role players in a new global family tech programme created by Amazon Web Services.

The programme falls under Amazon Web Service’s Irelandbased inCommunities initiative and the organisers chose to launch it in SA this week to coincide with Nelson Mandela Month.

NMU computing sciences department associate professor Jean Greyling said yesterday the aim was to communicate simultaneously to parents, youngsters and teachers on fundamental developments in the tech arena.

“It was initiated in 2018 in Ireland as a physical classroom programme but because of Covid restrictions it has now been put online for the first time.

“The goal this year is to provide a fun experience for families with a focus on science and technology.

“Families will be exposed to the latest tech concepts, interact with technology and get to know more about cloud computing and other tech topics in a fun and accessible way.”

He said the programme would feature workshops, keynote presentations and a “careers corner”.

“Topics include How the Cloud Works, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Careers in the Cloud, and other related subjects.”

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