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Reasons to be Proud - #R2bP: Chemistry’s  Dr Gletwyn Rubidge recently showed off his sporting skills by being awarded South African colours for free-diving and in addition, breaking three SA records at an international competition in Cyprus last month.

Gletwyn participated in the fifth edition of the Infinity Depth Games – a freediving competition – in Larnaca, Cyprus from 11 to 19 October. During the competition, he made four dives - three of which were new SA records.

The first dive was in the no fins discipline (CNF) where he reached 55m, the second was a 70m dive with bi-fins (CWTB) extending the former record by five metres. His third discipline was free immersion (FIM - pulling on the rope, no fins permitted) where he added ten meters to the former SA record taking it from 70 to 80m. He ended with a three minute dive to 90m using a monofin (CWT) adding four meters to the former record.

Quoting the Deeper Blue websiteArriving late to the competition with no luggage, no equipment, and no worries, was Gletwyn Rubidge of South Africa. The athletic elder statesman showed everyone he meant business when he literally dove into the sea with nothing on but a speedo. Nicknamed “Ging”, he powered himself down with only his hands and his feet, to return triumphantly from 55 meters to be greeted by a white card for his stunning CNF performance. “Ging” Rubidge would continue his successful endeavours with more colourful attire, when his bags eventually arrived, entertaining everyone with his personal bests, waving to judges at the bottom plate and handily delivering a new South African national record in CWT to 90m. 

Contact information
Dr Gletwyn Rubidge
Lecturer in Analytical Chemistry
Tel: 27 41 504 3176