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June not only marks the celebration of Youth Month in South Africa but is a timely reminder of the resolve and will to effect positive change, possessed by many young people in this country. Final-Year Public Relations (PR) student at Nelson Mandela University, Itumeleng Lebese, is one such example, intent on changing lives with words.

Her artistic expression manifests in the form of poetry, creative writing, and live performances.

Originally from Mokopane, in Limpopo, but raised in Gauteng, Itumeleng found her calling at an early age and starting writing at 11 years old and performing at age 12.

Realising her passion for the written arts, and desiring to empower people by telling their stories culminated in her first book titled: “Trouble in Diepsloot”. Written at 14 years old, the book tells the stories of young people in Diepsloot and how they navigate life.

This was followed by her latest book titled: “Still Here,” which consists of 105 poems highlighting trauma, grief and recovery.

“The aim of my book is to help people understand that they are not alone and, beyond that, to navigate their pain,” says Itumeleng.

“This book shares my gift of words and lights a path to those whose hearts need mending; and serves as a reminder that despite it all, you are still here.”

Although this book is yet to be published, Itumeleng plans on leveraging the expertise gained from her Public Relations (PR) studies to start her own PR agency, which she plans to name ‘Royale Media and Communications’, with the objective of changing lives.

Upon the completion of her current qualification, Itumeleng plans on pursuing an Advanced Diploma in PR at Mandela University.

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