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The Zoology honours class of 2020 who will obtain their degrees at this year’s Autumn Graduation, achieved a new record for Zoology honours with a 100% pass rate and 67% of the class passing cum laude.

Despite the 2020 hard lockdown disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic which impacted their normal fieldwork and on-campus activities, the group of nine students adapted and excelled.  This is testament to the abilities of the students and the efforts of the staff in the Zoology Department in helping them adapt to a truly unusual academic year.  

The graduates with an average of more than 75% (cum laude) are Kezia Bowmaker-Falconer, Mélissa Duflo, Leigh-Julia Penaluna, Ann Smith, Hannah Snyman and Mignon Voges.  At least six students from this class have enrolled for a master's, five of whom are registered in the Zoology Department at Nelson Mandela University.

Class excursion to St Croix Island as part of the Marine Top Predators
run by Prof Pierre Pistorius (front left). 


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