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Reasons to be Proud - #R2bP: NcedisoTM, a homegrown technology tool developed by Nelson Mandela University’s Centre for Community Technologies (CCT), will be showcased at an event hosted by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa later this month.

The Application was developed by the CCT through funding from the SA Medical Research Council and the Technology Innovation Agency.

The App was developed to make healthcare and medical information more accessible to those with limited or with no medical training.

The aim of Ncediso™ is not only to educate users, but also to assist with the detection, monitoring and evaluation of diseases by people of the African continent. The need for such a tool has been validated through previous research conducted by the project leaders in partnership with government bodies such as the Departments of Health and of Science and Technology and the South African Medical Research Council.

According to Prof Darelle van Greunen it took 18 months to develop the App from basic content and research to end user evaluation and taking it to the market.

Ncediso™ is an integrated mobile Application developed to up-skill community healthcare workers including nurses and clinic practitioners in areas where basic healthcare, first aid skills and clinics are scarce.

The Application allows for the early detection of various disabilities and diseases among children, child nutrition, chronic disease management, information on infectious and non-infectious diseases, first aid and various other conditions. The content of the App is relevant to the African continent. All diseases and medications outlined in the App can be found in Africa.

The App is also aimed at assisting the ordinary person who has limited access to healthcare facilities to make an easy assessment of specific symptoms. The App is available in the Google Play Store:

Selected innovations, both technological and non-technological, that are contributing significantly to the attainment of the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development will be given a slot to showcase the innovation as part of the African Regional Science, Technology and Innovation Forum 2020 hosted by Zimbabwe on 24 February 2020.