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Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University’s (NMMU) Centre for Access Assessment and Research (CAAR) is working to finalise access testing on thousands of prospective students this month.

By the end of the 2016 academic year, approximately 8000 candidates had been referred for access testing but had not yet taken up the opportunity to write the test.

Outstanding applications were processed after the final matric results were received in the first week of January.  Admissions have continued to refer strong applicants who on final results, qualify for testing and who have applied for programmes in which there is currently space.

CAAR will continue with the testing programme in Port Elizabeth until the final week of January, by which stage many programmes will have been filled. This date also gives sufficient time for all administrative processes to be completed such that tested students can have registered by the time classes start on 6 February.

Remote testing sites around the country have reported a good uptake of testing spaces and at some sites, their bookings have already been filled for the current testing cycle. In Port Elizabeth, the first few days of the testing cycle are fully booked. Currently the bookings from the middle of next week are filling up.

For bookings and further information, please contact the CAAR office on 041-504-2918. Online bookings can be done at

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