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New Phase of our Collective Fight against the Pandemic

The exponential increase of infections in Nelson Mandela Bay and at our university calls for more united and determined action to reverse this negative trend.

No single stakeholder will and can win the fight.

Our renewed focus must be underpinned by a radical shift in our lifestyle and a full commitment to embrace the changes occasioned by the pandemic.  There is no alternative to this. The alternative will take us to the brink.

Our twin objectives of #SaveLives and #SaveTheAcademicYear are sacrosanct – non-negotiable. They remain our compass in these testing times.

The number of students who are infected by the pandemic is growing daily. This rapid growth in infections calls for an intensification of our campaign and the re-introduction of some of the measures that helped us contain the spread at Alert Level 3 of lockdown. We have also witnessed a rise of gender-based violence (GBV).

We have consulted various student societies, organisations, house committees and the SRC - both in George and Port Elizabeth - as well as individual students in our ongoing walk-about at both on- and off-campus residences. Students are concerned about the rising numbers and have called for more stringent measures to be introduced, particularly in the residences. We have listened and heard the concerns, anxieties and compelling propositions from these engagements.

It is now time to take the necessary actions and walk the talk.

New Additional Measures to Intensify the Fight against the Spread of COVID-19

As part of a new and intensified phase against the fight we are re-introducing, and will intensify the implementation of, the following measures in the residences:

  • The curfew time will revert to 22h00 and no student will be allowed back into the residence who arrives after this time unless a prior arrangement was made with the residence manager.
  • All vehicles into the residences will be searched 24/7.
  • All students who leave the residences for home / family or any other visit will be placed on a mandatory quarantine in their rooms for 10 days on their return. Students are implored to inform their residence managers about their movements.
  • Students who are found with liquor, drinking and partying in their residences will be immediately sent home and this will be followed by disciplinary action.
  • We will continue to act swiftly against GBV incidents.
  • No form of night life activity will be allowed in the residences including disturbances that are caused by those who come back from social clubs in the neighbourhood.
  • There will be regular patrols in the residences by Protection Services.
  • We will intensify public education as well as offer more training to societies and house committees as part of our strategy to intensify the fight.

These life-changing measures have already been adopted as new lifestyles by most of our students.  However, there is a minority that has told itself that the world has not changed and is thus refusing to modify their lifestyles and behaviour. This selfish, unpatriotic, uncaring, uncompassionate group does not belong in our shared spaces and clearly has no interest in either saving lives or saving the academic year.  It does not value human life and this is manifest in their consistent irresponsible behaviour.

Addressing Service Issues with Urgency and Agility

As part of our commitment to #SaveTheAcademicYear, we have committed to respond with urgency to service delivery issues. We encourage students to use the existing platforms of communication to raise their concerns on service delivery. We equally enjoin student leaders to urgently draw our attention to service concerns so that these can be attended to as speedily as possible.

I therefore call upon all of us to exercise our agency with more urgency.


As we move the campaign against COVID-19 forward, we enjoin you to heed the call and take charge of your own destiny. Act and live a responsible life.

Our collective response and action as conscious actors will make us win the fight. We have no choice, we must work together. Failure is not an option.

Mr Luthando Jack

(Dean of Students)

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Mr Luthando Jack
Dean of Students