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Management has considered and consulted widely on the impacts of the action of the last two days at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) and reached various resolutions.

It recognises that much time has been lost and academic activities, especially, tests and assignments have been impacted.  Management further wants to emphasise that there are consequences for those who do not follow NMMU procedures and policies.

NMMU resolutions:

  • Lectures and related activities will resume today (25 August).
  • Any tests that should have been written on Tuesday (23 August) or Wednesday (24 August) will be rescheduled in consultation with your lecturers until the next term.
  • Those who are scheduled to write tests today (25 August) or tomorrow (26 August), may go ahead and write the test or choose to write on an alternative date next term.
  • Similarly, those who were scheduled to hand in assignments between 23 and 26 August may do so from now until the first day of the new term (5 September).

Our Port Elizabeth campuses have returned to normalcy following constructive engagement with various student groupings today.

Planning is underway to ensure that the time lost over the last two days is recovered before the end of the year.

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