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A second case of suspected arson has been reported and is under investigation by the police. Last night, the Campus Boma was completely gutted and the cause of the fire is as yet unclear.

NMMU is also extremely saddened by the news of the rape of two of its students, allegedly by a taxi driver. The University does not take these incidents lightly and support measures in the form of counselling will be made available to the students.

These and other acts of criminality underscore the importance of continuing to focus on the enhancement of safety measures on campus.

It should be borne in mind that the university sought and obtained a court interdict in a bid to create an environment in which the rights of all groups – protesters as well as those wanting to return to classes – are protected. The court order spells out these rights and the attendant appropriate conduct expected of NMMU students and staff which, if observed by all, will create a peaceful environment devoid of clashes and tension. We hope that the court order will be respected to avoid a repeat of the clashes witnessed over the past few days particularly between students and the police.

The consequent trauma and tension on campus does not augur well with efforts to re-establish an environment that enables peaceful teaching and learning. And towards this end, the University continues to pursue mediation efforts ordered again by the court this past Tuesday, as well as engagement with various stakeholders.

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