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Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) is acutely aware of the challenges around sexual harassment and rape within South African society generally and the higher education system, as a constituent part of the society.

These challenges, and particularly those raised by students and some staff members at Rhodes University, should be seen as an opportunity not only to deeply introspect but to change the complicit culture, and re-engineer the entire regime used in the sector and other South African institutions to process rape and sexual harassment complaints and cases.

NMMU management and students who are members of its Sexual Harassment Committee and those who stood in solidarity with the Rhodes students, met earlier today to take heed of the issues and challenges that have been raised in the last few days, not only in Grahamstown, but throughout the country.

The committee resolved to stand in solidarity with those who have suffered the brutal acts of sexual violence, and agreed to institute a comprehensive review process that will be informed by the student experiences and struggles. 

It was decided that the University will take a broad, engaged approach in seeking more effective, dignified and empowering processes involving all stakeholders since the realities of rape, sexual harassment and victimisation are a shared reality. However, the NMMU process will be driven largely by its students.

The committee will meet in a month or two to review progress made in the above regard.

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