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The University is mindful of the inconvenience that the postponement of today’s examinations has had for many staff and students. Unfortunately, the province-wide public transport strike was beyond our control and, as shared earlier, after considering all options we felt the wisest and safest decision was to postpone today’s examinations.

We appreciate that the impact of this postponement is far-reaching and would like to thank you for your understanding.  

The following arrangements have been made:

  • All examinations that should have been written today will now be written at the start of the second semester on Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 July.
  • Those who were due to write at 9am on 10 June will write at 4.30pm on Tuesday 12 July.
  • Those who were due to write at 2pm on 10 June will write at 4.30pm on Wednesday 13 July.
  • Details of venues for each exam will be communicated at a later date.

NMMU recognises that the rescheduling of these examinations will offer further challenges, especially the expectations around both marking of scripts and lecturing. As a result, relief measures will be implemented to give staff the necessary support to fulfil their commitments.

Similarly, PASS staff who may be required to work beyond 4.30pm to assist with these examinations, support or compensation will also be provided upon approval by the relevant managers.

Please note that tomorrow’s examinations will go ahead as per normal scheduling.

Again, we thank you for your understanding at this difficult time.

Contact information
Mrs Debbie Derry
Deputy Director: Communication
Tel: 041 504 3057