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THE Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) examinations that were postponed due to the province-wide taxi strike and public transport shutdown on 10 June will be held at the start of the new semester.

More than 2 000 students will write the rescheduled examinations on 12 and 13 July, after returning for the second semester, starting on Monday, 11 July. These exams will start at 4.30pm to minimise disruption to classes during the day.

Students affected by the postponement learnt of the exam rescheduling dates almost immediately, and have received the relevant updated information regarding times and venues.

For these specific modules, re-examinations will be scheduled in the normal period of three weeks after the exams are written.

The University has also ensured that transport is available for students to reach their on-campus or accredited off-campus accommodation after the exams on both days.

NMMU further recognises that these exams will create an additional burden for those academics who need to mark scripts within a short space of time, while also having to start the new semester’s modules, and is offering relief support to enable the quick turn-around.

Similar methods of compensation will be granted to the professional support staff who have to work after hours to facilitate the exams.

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