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With the bulk of its Academic Completion Plan completed, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) wishes to thank those who supported the institution in making this possible.

From its own staff right through to unknown caring individuals, NMMU is hugely appreciative of the kindness, commitment and support it has been shown during the most trying time in its history.

In the final 2016 term, the University faced four weeks of shutdown, two weeks of disruption and a court-mandated mediation process that did not produce the desired result of resuming teaching and learning, before it was left with no option but to introduce its Academic Completion Plan (ACP).

This success of the multi-layered ACP would not have been impossible without the combined effort of so many individuals and companies in the metro.

This plan saw the institution fast track Wi-Fi connection at 11 libraries across the metro, improve its connectivity elsewhere, offer free data, provide alternative off-campus venues, classes and accommodation, and transform the Nelson Mandela Bay stadium into a mini NMMU campus to allow for the safe completion of lectures and examinations.

The latter process will continue in January to allow those students who opted to write their modules in 2017 as registration and other processes will take place on campus. The stadium recorded 20 207 visits to the stadium by students from 25 November to 21 December.

The University’s gratitude goes to the metro’s business community, which through the Chamber, generously availed resources and infrastructure; its alumni and donars, our parents who continue to entrust us with the education of their children and our 27000 students, for persevering to complete their goals in the most trying circumstances.

It has not been easy, nor idea. Only the commitment, support and ingenuity of many, but particularly NMMU’s staff, has made success of this part of the ACP possible.

The University has learnt many lessons, and gained many unexpected benefits, not least its ability to increase its teaching and learning digital footprint in meeting in line with its education strategy of offering tuition “anywhere, anytime”.

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Deputy Director: Communication
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