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Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University’s (NMMU) valiant attempts to resume the academic programme and salvage what is left of the 2016 academic year this week were thwarted by ongoing protests and resultant clashes with police.

These circumstances led to an increasing difficulty to conduct lectures on the South Campus.

The University is also reeling from the news of the rape of two of its students, allegedly by a taxi driver at an off campus location.

NMMU is also contending with a second case of suspected arson after the burning down of the Campus Boma last night – which comes a few days after the Xanadu/Melodi Clubhouse was completely gutted.

There were also incidents of stone throwing on South Campus, where some staff and students’ cars were damaged.

The University is extremely concerned about the criminal elements that have crept in, all of which underscore the importance of the continued focus on enhancing safety measures on campus.

This past week has therefore been particularly difficult for University staff and students, who have been traumatised by the events of the week.

However, NMMU remains committed to complete the 2016 academic year as far as possible and remains open.

Therefore, in light of the difficult circumstances presented to us this week, it has become evident that the complete reliance on contact delivery of lectures should be reviewed.

To this end, the University is exploring a range of alternative  teaching methods in order to best complete this year’s programmes and will be implementing and ramping these up from the coming week.

NMMU is determined to complete the year’s studies, even if face-to-face interaction is disrupted, by ramping up these alternative delivery modes.

The strategy is to employ various platforms to deliver study material, with the planning process around this set to be finalised today. This will gain traction over the weekend in terms of details and the final programme will be communicated to students next week.

The University is encouraged by the cooperation with other universities and the increasing support from various businesses and civil society organisations prepared to offer assistance to our efforts to continue with studies.

NMMU would like to reassure staff as well as present and prospective students that we are exhausting all avenues to follow through on attempts to address any outstanding issues.

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