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As a result of intensive multi-stakeholder engagement, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) is actively exploring student-friendly academic recovery plans to minimise the impact of time lost as a result of the shutdown.

The University remains committed to completing the academic progamme for 2016, recognising that failure to do so will have far-reaching, negative implications.
Staff meetings:
Staff meetings for each of the University’s seven faculties have been held to assess the present status of the academic programme which varies from faculty to faculty. Each faculty is taking stock of the impact of the shutdown, including dependence on access to amenities such as laboratories and studios. 
Similar meetings are also planned for the professional and support services staff to try to further mitigate the impact of the shutdown on university operations.
While national and institutional issues are still to be fully resolved, engagements with various student groupings continued at the weekend. It remains NMMU’s stance that engagement is the most viable means towards finding long-term, lasting solutions. Research and experience have shown that strong-armed tactics tend to create and escalate tensions.
Student arrest:
An NMMU student was arrested early today for allegedly burning a tyre at the entrance to North Campus.  
His arrest follows a national directive by government for the South African Police Service (SAPS) to enforce the law on all university campuses if protests continue.
The student who was due to appear in court today will be charged in terms of the Criminal Matters Amendment Act.
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