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THE NMMU Council has appointed Mr Mike Monaghan as Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University’s new Executive Director: Finance. Mr Monaghan will be assuming duties from 1 January, 2016, to lead NMMU’s Finance Department, a crucial position in the institutional leadership of the University.

He has been rising through the ranks of NMMU for the past 18 years, having served in several positions at both operational and managerial levels until the recent appointment.

Mr Monaghan is well versed with the University’s financial systems, policies and practices, and has been working closely with academics and administrators for many years to develop rigorous and much respected financial accounting and management systems. He has also grown a good working knowledge of the South African higher education funding system, including its core sustainability challenges.

NMMU is very proud to be able to affirm its confidence in his vision and leadership skill to lay the foundations for ensuring NMMU’s long-term sustainability in the face of current challenges of fees and subsidy in higher education. 

On receiving news of his appointment, Mr Monaghan has stated the following: "I feel very honoured to have been appointed to the post of Executive Director Finance of NMMU.

“2016 dawns a new era in higher education and is both a challenging and exciting time. This calls for a case for change with cost and revenue structures that need to be revisited as to effect cost management and efficiency gains while implementing revenue optimisation strategies as to ensure the long-term sustainability of NMMU. I look forward to leading this process and working with all stakeholders and colleagues as we fulfil the goals of Vision 2020."

NMMU Vice-Chancellor Prof Derrick Swartz extended his congratulations to Mr Monaghan in taking up the leadership of this crucial portfolio, and also expressed his confidence that he will indeed enjoy the full support of the NMMU community  in serving the University to fulfil the goals of Vision 2020. 

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