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Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University has appointed its first Deputy Deans: Filling the two new positions are Prof Dalena van RooyenDirector of the School of Clinical Care Science, within the Faculty of Health Sciences, and Prof Hendrik Lloyd, Director of the School of Economics, Development and Tourism, within the Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences.

Both positions were introduced to meet specific needs within the two faculties – and, particularly, to share the growing responsibilities of the Executive Deans.

NMMU’s existing faculty management structure comprises of an Executive Dean, School Directors and Department Heads.

The Deputy Dean’s role will be to support the Executive Dean in providing intellectual and academic leadership and to take responsibility for certain leadership portfolios, management responsibilities and administration, as delegated by the Dean.

The position might be extended to other faculties, in line with the structures followed by other universities.

In NMMU’s Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences, the growth of student and staff numbers since 2005 has placed extraordinary time demands on the Executive Dean.

In addition, the operating environment of higher education is such that the Executive Dean needs to be proactive in soliciting financial support for new academic initiatives and facilities.

In the case of Health Sciences, the Faculty has many programmes which are subject to the requirements of a range of professional bodies. Currently, the Faculty has 10 different professional categories, each with its own Statutory Council and Professional Board, with the Dean expected to serve on all the advisory and accreditation forums.

As the Faculty moves towards the creation of a medical school, the problem is being compounded as the Dean is expected to interact with other medical schools and key stakeholders. Additionally, the Faculty has also grown substantially in recent years, further inundating the Dean’s office with operational issues.  

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