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LECTURES at our Missionvale Campus are ongoing. There is however, a small group of protesters at the entrance whose presence is being monitored. Staff and students are entering the campus as per normal.

The University has been engaging with this particular community group, especially around the issue of employment opportunities at NMMU. It held meetings on Monday and during yesterday’s public holiday to establish details of their proposals and was therefore surprised to encounter the protests early today.

NMMU has various partnerships with the adjacent community, including the ward councillors as the go-to representatives of the community.

Apart from its interaction with the councillors, NMMU’s Centre for Integrated Post-School Education and Training (CIPSET) runs non-formal community education workshops in collaboration with “community investigators” to help tackle real issues. These range from workshops focused on growing vegetables, to helping children in the streets, to clearing away rubbish, to combatting unauthorised electricity connections and many other issues.

Missionvale’s library, Coega Driving Programme initiative and soccer fields are all used by those who live in the community.

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