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In a recent ground breaking announcement, four of South Africa’s largest mobile Internet Service Providers, Cell C, MTN, Vodacom and Telkom, indicated that they will waiver any costs associated with data being used to access university websites in South Africa until the end of 2016.

This means that students will have free access to university resources for academic content from anywhere in South Africa, even if they have run out of data or airtime.

The following NMMU URLs have been zero rated:

It should be noted that any information that is referenced by an NMMU resource that does not physically reside at NMMU, will not be zero-rated. e.g. links to content on YouTube and other websites not in the list will still incur costs.

We believe that this will greatly assist our students in completing the 2016 academic year and we are grateful for the support from these service providers.

Contact information
Mr Creswell du Preez
Director: ICT Service Delivery and Operations
Tel: 27 41 504 3346