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Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University’s (NMMU) 2016 final exams got off to a smooth start, with the stadium venue accommodating a record number of students today.

Despite a minor systems glitch this morning, which was speedily ironed out, the day’s university-administered exams commenced on time and proceeded without fail at the Nelson Mandela Bay stadium.

A total of 2 200 students – which was the largest number of students accommodated at the stadium to date – wrote their examinations over two sessions today, making up about 75% of the maximum number of students who could have written.

NMMU is encouraged by the turnout of students and the smooth procession of exams today. The University is confident that the remaining exams will proceed smoothly.

The three-week long exam period ends on 15 December 2016, with the January exams running from 9 to 24 January 2017.

Students were afforded an opportunity to choose to write in the November/December period or January, with nearly 60% opting to write in the current exam period and nearly 13% in January.

The University is aware that some students may have experienced difficulty in successfully indicating their choices and has factored this in, with provision made to accommodate those that could not make their selection prior to the start of the first exam session.

Students are reminded to always carry their student cards as their main form of identification or, if these are lost, an original identity document.

Exam results will be communicated before the University breaks for the Summer recess.

The University wishes all students the best in their upcoming exams.

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