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Postgraduate students from across the Eastern Cape attended a South African Network for Coastal and Oceanic Research (SANCOR) student meeting, which was held at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University on Tuesday, 14 June 2016.

Marine Science students from Fort Hare, Rhodes, Walter Sisulu University, NMMU and other institutions presented their research at the meeting.

There was also a panel discussion and workshop on Science Communication featuring Paul Kennedy from SciBaai, Penny Haworth from the South African Institute for Aquatic Biology (SAIAB) as well as Ingrid Sinclair from the Two Oceans Aquarium.

PhD candidate at Rhodes University and SANCOR steering committee student representative, Rita Adele Steyn, said: “Science Communication is becoming a dynamic field worldwide, it is imperative for students and researchers to learn to communicate their science.”

The meeting was held from 8 a.m until 4 p.m. 

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