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NMMU’s Botany department has had a research output boost this year with students and staff producing 20 articles and supervisor Prof Janine Adams reaching a milestone of more than 100 published scientific articles.

PROLIFIC RESEARCHERS … Botany postgraduate students Lyndle Naidoo (MSc) (from left), Monique Nunes (PhD), Lucienne Human (post-doc), Meredith Fernandes (researcher), Rebotile Matabane (MSc), Sinegugu Mbense (MSc), Daniel Lemley (PhD) and Botany’s Prof Janine Adams contributed to new knowledge in 20 published articles this year.

All these articles share original research contributing new knowledge on aquatic botany and the conservation and management of estuaries, says Prof Adams.

The group of postgraduate students also include first time authors MSc students Sinegugu Mbense and Meredith Fernandes. 

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